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Trapped in the cage called life. Stanley is a normal person, like you and I, he wakes up the the morning, have a breakfast, wash himself and go to work, but Stanley soon will realize his life is about to change in dramatic ways, and he can do nothing about it, this begins as millions of people around the world, just a normal day in the office.

The game’s cover is quiet simple yet enigmatic, and that’s what “The Stanley Parable” is. This review is little bit different due this is a very different type of game.

As you fire up the game, you will live the life of Stanley for one hour, two, a day, or a lifetime depending on your view, starting the game as a simple guy in the office you start taking an insane turn about the meaning of life itself, after all, a parable is just that, is a loop, a loop your are forced to complete, but as life itself, you have several decisions and courses of actions to make and take, giving a new meaning to your own time in the loop of life.

The Stanley Parable

But wait, we were talking about Stanley, well, Stanley is a guy has followed the rules all his life, as a golden voice narrator will say to you at the beginning, but what happens when Stanley feels tired of following the “rules”?. In the game you will have several courses of action to take, turn left, turn right, go here, go there, wait…. don’t go there, just wait, push the button, do not the button, you’re playing as Stanley, and will decide what Stanley will do next in his normal day in the office while a narrator describes your moves and decisions made, you don’t shoot anyone, you don’t punch anyone, you don’t have build anything, you just play the life of Stanley while the narrator describes your moves.

Or the narrator plays with you and Stanley is controlling you? hard to tell since every possible outcome Stanley do will be a direct consequence of what you do with your hands and keyboard, and therefore the narrator will know every single move you make even before you make it. Because Stanley has a plan for his life, but wait….. or do you have a plan for Stanley? ….or, do you have a plan for your life?…. or, the narrator has a plan for you and Stanley? and who is the narrator?

The Stanley Parable

You will face several enigmas with this game, that will make you reconsider what you take for granted as a freedom of choice, a game where you become the player, the played, the god, the slave, the follower, the rebel, you become Stanley and Stanley becomes you.

The Stanley Parable will make you question your own life from third person perspective, even if it is a First Person game, and that is what makes it interesting and entertaining, is hard trying to explain it without sloping the game/experience itself, but once you play it, you will realize what is so interesting about this unusual piece of interactive software, because this game is not a game, but pretty much your own life.

On the technical aspects of the game, the graphics, if not “next gen”, are quiet good and full of details, the audio is simple yet very crisp and clear, the controls are very responsive, the system requirements for this game are low and you should be able to experience it, with a basic PC setup or laptop.

The Stanley Parable

There is not defined gender for this game, is funny, is scary, is dumb, is clever, is mysterious, and very enjoyable, The Stanley Parable will make your socks fly off with laughs and fears.

Graphics They are well made at not demanding at all with a very nice office style implemented. Controls are solid, and you will have no problem at all the keyboard and mouse, yet i did not tested them with a game-pad. The sound is crisp and clear, really no complain here, and mostly what you will hear is the voice of the narrator and not actually music.

Highly Recommended!
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