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Starmade is a new take-on to the genre of Space exploration and building. It has many, many, many different items for buildings well, basically anything you want. A Battleship/Starship Destroyer? Why not. A space-station? Sure. Basically a ship which is OP (loads of energy storage, very fast regeneration of energy, tons of shields and shield regen ect)? Go ahead!

This game is saying “go ahead, build anything, even the most complicated, most awesome looking ship, with a station on a planet, which is icy and next to a giant handmade tree” and does it very well with its limitations (you can make a lot of things, when I say a lot, I mean more than [insert large number here].


The graphics are very impressive, especially for Early access. There’s lens flares, realistic lighting, tons of graphical settings (such a very high FoV of 30-110!) There are resolutions higher than 1920×1090, which I have not seen a lot of in games. The maxinum View distance is very amazing, even on the ’10000′ of ’20000′ setting, I can see way further than I would even need too. I have a load of fps even on the higher settings, which I would not have of though since the game is this beautiful. Heck, you can even choose between pixely or realistic looks! So tihs is highly rated for this catergory, and it’s well earned.


What StarMade has to offer

Explore, build, trade with others, buy from others, colonize planets, make factions, play with others, command a fleet, become a god, create a money factory, mine asteroids, blow up planets, and so much more.

Advanced in graphics
Excellent use of engine features
So many possibilites
Tons of options
Cheap enough

Mirror mode options are confusing

Total: 8.5/10

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