Styx: Master of Shadows – A new stealth RPG by Cyanide Games

Styx Master of Shadows

Cyanide Games Studio announced its new game – stealth-RPG Styx: Master of Shadows, which is scheduled for release this year for the PC. Styx: Master of Shadows is an infiltration game with RPG elements. Levels of the game will be open, and the tasks can be done in different ways. Styx is going to gain access to the tree, to seize power and to learn about their origins.

Guide Styx through the winding Tower of Akenash, home to a Treeworld source of the Amber – a powerful golden sap filled with magical properties – prowling through the shadows with aide of a host of special abilities refined throughout Styx’s 200 years of history. Within the many hallways and levels of the Tower of Akenash, Styx must avoid the humans who’ve the ability to easily overpower him. With Amber running through his veins, what Styx lacks in might he more than makes up for with stealth, as the golden elixir – often heavily guarded – raises his perception, sharpens his senses, and even offers the ability to turn him invisible for short periods of time.

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