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Submerged it’s exciting indie adventure Developed by Uppercut Games Pty Ltd. Here you will feel incredible emotional sensations. You learn what a person is ready to do for the sake of their loved one. You will be able to watch the sunrise from the highest point of the rest world. The storyline is about to hurt and cause the player has certain feelings and emotions.

The story begins with the fact that the heroine named Mick arrives by boat to the old chapel. She carry a wounded brother who needed medication. The next step is to find a medicines, water, food, etc. For all of these funds will be necessary to climb to the top of the hotel, library, clinic and so on. The last stage of the history is the most unusual. Players will see four pictures, which gradually reveal the true cause that bring heroes to this place.


The most interesting thing is that in addition to the stories of our heroes we have the opportunity to learn more about the city, collecting the pieces of pictures. However, when all the pieces are collected the overall picture is rather difficult to see. Why that so? It’s all because the illustrations on the pictures are very abstract. Also during Mick’s adventures the player will be able to improve his boat collecting parts for her, which are mostly hidden behind the buildings.

Gameplay based exclusively on the exploration of the game world. There is no combat system at all. Most of the time we will have to climb on different places. The most important disappointment is the fact that our heroine is not able to jump. We have to enjoy only a couple of actions that Mick could perform.

Flooded city looks delicious, really. The atmosphere is just indescribable. When you first enter the game, you will look at all the beauty of the city with great surprise. As day follows night, as the splashing dolphins, whales and somewhere in the far one can see through the fog different buildings of the fallen city. All this fills you with an incredible feeling. By the way, the sights, perhaps taken from the real world, for example, during my journey I saw the Eiffel Tower. Music and game soundtrack are incredible perfectly fit the whole atmosphere of post-apocalyptic world.


Summarizing, we can say that the main plus of the game is the flooded city, certainly, it is very beautiful. As for the storyline, it looks very typical, you will enjoy it, but won’t remember for a long time. Gameplay becomes dull and boring after a while, it’s really monotonous. However, lovers to explore and watch the beautiful scenery will enjoy this game.

The atmosphere of the flooded city
Emotions and worries about characters
Places to see and explore
A wonderful soundtrack

Simple plot
Gameplay is boring
Character animation is bad

Total: 6/10

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