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Torchlight 2 – Action-RPG developed by immigrants from Blizzard North, Max and Eric Schafer. The music by author of soundtrack for Diablo, Matt Ullman. Diablo 3 was released in the same year, but we cannot say that it was better than Torchlight 2, in some cases it is even worse. In Torchlight 2 developers have paid great attention to the story of the game.

During the game we will have to stop some alchemists who’s got some disease and it in search of a cure, destroys peace keepers and return to the life various creatures. Of course, the story is banal, but in comparison with the first part, it suffered a big change. There is much more quests, they become more interesting, challenging and fun. In addition, the landscape has changed in comparison with the first part. Now we have an opportunity to explore not only the caves and tombs, but also various open spaces: forests, fields, deserts and freezing mountains. In addition, it should be noted that the world has become more interesting to explore. You can find a random traveler who needs help, he gladly reward you if you agree to help. You can also find a variety of secret rooms, portals that will test our hero’s strength and so on. Of course, not necessarily to explore the world, you can just go through the story, but please note that you may miss some useful trophies and treasures.

Torchlight 2

It can be seen that the game was developed by the authors of Diablo, for example, they have created a unique, beautiful and variety of locations. From the Gothic ruins of ancient cities, to the mining tunnels. With decorations, such as barrels, urns and stones you can interact, rather, to destroy, to search for the loot.

The game has four difficulty levels, it should be noted that at the maximum level the game is a real challenge for the most experienced players. Also, like in Diablo 3, the game has a Hardcore mode, which means that after you die you will not be able to continue the game for this character. If we compare the maximum difficulty and hardcore mode it is possible to experience a lot of emotions and feelings that you do not get anywhere, even playing in a Souls series.
Bosses represent a great danger, in order to overcome them you will have to work hard. To begin, prepare for battle, buy potions, think the tactics of battle and the most important is the right development of character, distribute abilities and characteristics competently. The game has four unique characters, gameplay for each of them fundamentally different from each other. Throughout the game we got the help from our faithful companion, it can be a dog, a wolf, panda, or any other animal. Pet is very useful, in addition, it helps us in the fight, he also replaces our trips to the city. He can go straight into the city during the battle, in order to bring you the potions and scrolls, as well as to sell the accumulated unnecessary items from your inventory. The game features fishing, you can catch a variety of things or objects to change appearance of your pet.

Torchlight 2

Another worth noting the presence of co-op mode. Obviously, the enemies become stronger in the cooperative, but the reward for them is growing. It’s all made the game more interesting and epic. Overall, the game is worth to spend a lot hours in the company of friends or playing alone.

Locations and characters design
Four unique classes
Interesting gameplay
Many different opponents
Steam Workshop
Hardcore Mode

The absence of any crafting system

Total: 9 / 10

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