Transistor – Game review by Zephyr


Transistor is a brilliant 2D sci-fi action-indie RPG, brought to us by Supergiant games – as most of us know, are the creators of Bastion. While Transistor doesn’t exactly play like Bastion, I’ve still enjoyed my time with it. The hand-drawn visuals are fantastic and oozes style. Darren Korb composed the soundtrack and it’s a delightful treat for the ears.

The gameplay is fun & unique. The player takes control of Red (the main female protagonist), who has the ability to freeze time and plan out attacks – which is called a “Turn()”. A well-played “Turn()” can be rewarding and its especially satisfying watching your attacks play out In motion.


I know we’re all going to make this comparison, but Transistor plays more like an RPG than Bastion. You level up, gain new skills and can customize them to your liking. Fans of Bastion and newcomers who are unfamiliar with Supergiant games will without a doubt have a blast playing Transistor. I highly recommend this game.

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