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Tropico 5 is a town-planning simulator Developed by Haemimont Games. It is necessary to build houses, plantations, oil wells, tourist camps, hotels, casinos, trade develop technology and learn to make laws. The main objective of the game is to develop a small island, regularly update our El Presidente’s Swiss bank and one day, hand over power to the descendants.

We can build communism and create a real tourist resort. The most important difference from the previous parts of the series Tropico is that you need to go through several colonial eras, the world wars, the Cold War and the present. In order to accomplish this, you need to control the behavior and demand the discipline of your own citizens. You also need to maintain relations with the superpowers competently. For example, during the world wars export resources only to Allies will lead to bad relationship with Axis. Our El Presidente had to strengthen his island if he wants the best deals. You can also keep in touch with all the powers, but then have to give up certain powers from its beneficial agreement and to make certain sacrifices to relations with all countries on the same level.

Tropico 5

Main trade source of income in the game is supply of corn, sugar, bananas, gold and iron. I advise you not to get involved in the industrialization of the island. Sometimes it is harmful. For example if you build all sorts of plants and factories it will give us jobs but also pollute the environment and the population will not be happy. After all, you can create a fabulous tourist destination. Attract tourists is not so hard. It is necessary to build a variety of hotels, tourists are gambling people, so let’s build a casino, theaters and museums, let them develop spiritual values and all of this is complemented by a luxurious airport.

During the process of the game small missions will appear. One example is a 1920 American issue alcohol prohibition, of course it can be used to build a plant for the production of rum. Other jobs help catch certain political forces: the military, the communists or capitalists. From the constitution and decrees will depend that we will thrive on the island, democracy or totalitarianism. Constitution appears immediately after El Presidente declare independence of the state. And in each successive era we will receive additional laws. This legal act will enter military service to the island, to ban the religion, and even limit women’s rights. It can help us to get some money from our citizens or to make them hate us.

Tropico 5

The game features multiplayer mode which also provides the opportunity to fight with other players. You can play together, as well as with party of four and it is necessary not to let each other to build an ideal state. All in all I want to say that Tropico 5 it quite easy to master. Everyone who played in the last part may seem too simple and boring. Beginners who love city-building simulators should enjoy.

Good humor
Multiplayer mode
Four eras
Awesome music
Easy to master
Constantly need to monitor the population

A small number of buildings
Not a lot of maps

Total: 8 / 10

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