Valve Corporation – Do You Want to Work With Us?

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Video game developers would prefer to work in Valve Corporation, than his own company. According to polls International Game Developers Association, Valve is the most attractive place to work for now. The survey polled more than 2 thousands of developers who have identified a majority vote of the most coveted job in the gaming industry.

Remarkably, companies such as EA, Microsoft, and Sony does not hit the top ten of the most attractive companies. At the same time, some developers have indicated they would prefer to work in Nintendo did not go anywhere or be as satisfied with their workplace. Ten of the best companies in the survey results:

  1. Valve
  2. Own Company
  3. Activision Blizzard
  4. BioWare
  5. Ubisoft
  6. Current workplace
  7. Nintendo
  8. Naughty Dog
  9. Double Fine
  10. Bethesda Game Studios

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