Walkthrough and the Secrets of Van Helsing

Van Helsing

This is a general translation of a Russian language guides plus my personal additions and screenshots. Currently only half translated article. Errors, comments, additions you can leave here in English. Once again I welcome the readers of my guide! Thank you all for support, comments and assistance in correcting errors. I will be very glad if you put rate UP in steam.

Be sure to play the game on Heroic difficulty. The other difficulties are too easy.
Of all the options leveling, the best in my opinion is the Swordsman. The Shooter and the Magician can not even come close to give nice DPS. Playing as a Mage an Schooter is more boring than a swordsman. (Shot & ran style), and so until you kill everyone. I’ll tell you how I “build” the character and eventually took half the game without dying. (However, in the beginning there were problems), because there was little protection and health. Is pumped from the article only the body. (more HP and Protection), skills: Bash and Cleave. With Katharina can be done in different ways, but I did so, and have made it inactive (+10% to all resistances), circulated on Passive protection, transport damage to Katarina more a matter of taste, but do not forget that the priority is the health of the excitation and protection , then to DPS. (Although this is slightly controversial issue, but I advise build that way in order to avoid more deaths), this is especially true if you go through the game in Hardcore mode (one death, and the game is over). As a result, a buildup of my swordsman kills the last boss in 4 seconds sometimes for 6-10. Crit chance of about 70% and 350% increase in crit damage. 3000 HP and a lot of armor and resistances. Character’s perfectly normal, and I think that’s not a chapel features. In other games such imbalanced I would not like it, but here it’s just a very beautiful and interesting.

Van Helsing.

Start the game in the Gorgon pass. Kill all and go to the village.
Joke and achievement with Brownie near the river.

When you come to the river is a script brownies. Run forward it, try it stun and slow. Best suited Lightning Sword with deceleration. For reaching to hit him 20 times. I managed to knock him out so many things that lacked the three-page inventory (I took the perk with additional page.) 35 times hit him during the scenes is quite real. There is a chance for the first unique item.

Van Helsing Beginning

The first town on your way.
Turn in and take all the quests.
It has a lot of things fun and interesting. For example: a talking two-headed cow.
At the top there is a statue, which will need to insert the 3 stones (Gem Stones), they scattered locations. If I am not mistaken then 2 in the forest and one in the swamp. After finding them certain to bring them to the statue, because give the key that will give you the future is very good loot. In the corner of the town is a shack where residents tell where hidden goodness. Just. Near the tavern is drunk sir, that will tell the story of how a goat ate a diamond (as long as it does not talk, this is not the diamond you get).

Van Helsing Chicken

Find the white rabbit on which it is impossible to hit. Hold down Shift hit her. Easter egg will be 20 HP.
Find a drunkard next to the tavern.
Kill all the chickens, it will get Achievment: Chicken Slayer
Take the quest and go to Croakwood.

Visit the gallows.

Then locate the ghost. Take him to the gallows, or (in this case it will be a fight and did not really give). Or move it to one of the top altars on the map (in this case will end for Happy is he and the thing for you).

Find the column in which the money is hidden 1000-2000.
Kill the Satyr – taking the coin, then drop into the well, kill the harpies get Gun Oil, find the sword in the stone and remove it (in my opinion the best sword to level 21, but you might get lucky and find something better).
Take a dealer in the Roma camp.
At camp break boxes. In one of them will Gemstone (some big ingame secret).
Kill the big werewolf on the instructions of the Roma.
Kill the scarecrow in the fields.
Find and talk to fireflies.

The correct answer is – I do not know your name – Katerina knows.She would say. Get a unique ring.

In the cave, defeat the white werewolf, but do not kill him when selected. If you kill him you will not get support from the werewolves in the game but one more yellow thing.

Van Helsing Forest Map

One of the most important things you need to do is find the Gemstone, after beating the game to a certain point, the opportunity to return here will be gone. So go to the Roma camps. White cross on the map (at the same time there must be accompanied by the merchant), and find the box, break it and pick up the Gemstone.

Van Helsing First Gemstone.

After performing all the tasks in this place, go to the cave. There you will find a large white werewolf. When you kill him, he will disappear and there will be five obelisks. I do not know why, but many have problems in passing this place. I advise you to purchase potions. How to destroy the obelisks: approach it, so get to your Cleave could hurt obleisk and werewolves. Therefore kill all five. After destroying the last re-appear white werewolf, but certainly at this time, it will be a fight to the death.

Van Helsing Cave.

Game can be completed without doing side quests. You can just run everything and kill the last boss for a long time. But whether you get pleasure from this passage? I advise you to take the game 100% scouring all corners of the map, doing all the quests, it’s worth it.

Turn in all the quests that you have done and get new ones.

One of the approaches to the blacksmith forge, he will offer you a sword. Agree. And take him myself. With the sword will have two choices:
Either give it to the local mad who thinks that his world is not real and someone pokes him by mouse and get some essences.
Or to say that it’s a the Bunnyslayer and leave the sword itself. Then he moves from the quest items in your inventory and weapons will be with extreme damage in rabbits. In the second case it is useful to us later on.

Van Helsing Devilslayer

Protect Markovna at night, you have to kill a lot of rusalka’s. Nothing special.
Get the quest for electricity essences. You will perform it after the Ink well, when you go into the swamp.

Climb down into the well on the instructions of the alchemist.
In the Ink find Gemstone (be sure to take, opportunities to go back no more).

A very spacious location.
Last Gemstone drops from a chest at the top left of the map.
Let’s start with the fact that the enemy sometimes fall out of the bone (4 in total). They can be given:

Scientist. Then he will give 1500 gold.
Frog Idol. Then give 2 points stats and 200 XP.

At the location there totems that give short-term bonuses. Find everything and then you will have to fight the Spirit of the Forest. Since then dropped good loot. And give Achievement: Trophy: Frenzied Forest Spirit.

In the location you will find Wisp, which will beckon you to join me in the end will still be a trap, with a small number of fireflies. Sending to all back to God crickets and more. You will be given the award and Achievement: Trophy: Ignis Fatuus

There is also an altar, and four frogs. They must be turned in center to the altar. There will be 2 big vodyanoy’s. For killing both you’ll Achievement: Trophy: Tweedledum and Trophy: Tweedledee

According to one of the quests you will need to bring a bomb. Look crashed airship. There will also be a large red button, press that you will beg Catarina. After activation will be soldiers. Then collect the bombs, if you assemble a bomb, do not activate any of the bomb, you get the Achievement: Explosives Expert.

Further down the road there is a downward departure where the cells are sitting werewolves and a bunch of soldiers. Werewolves can immediately release and they will help you if you have not killed their leader, it does not need to kill them and they will give a reward for pardon their leader. The purpose of this massacre to take elektrodiod or something with the generator.

Van Helsing Gallowsbog.

In the final location will be expected 4 bosses.
They’ll lock you. First, kill the Alchemist, as it heals. Next is to deal with the werewolves. One of them myself and regeneration at the end to fill up the carcass with a grenade launcher.
Of course, for your valor will get Achievment: Trophy: Judge Obesovsky

Look for the corpse of a goat, if you did a monologue with the drunkard, the corpse would be very good essence.
Go to the portal.

Kill the Big spider.
Competent swordsman puts it 5-7 strokes by Bash.

Drill Worm:
Same as with the spider and all the bosses in the game. Drop 5-10 strokes by Bash.
There is the option of using electrical installation located in the same place. But it is long and not spectacular. And for that, you don’t get Achievment.

Van Helsing Mine

Make sure that you have the key from the statue of Borislav and completed all of your quests.
You will not be able to return. (!!!)

Van Helsing Game.

Well. Here is the first location of the second chapter.
Location is not particularly full of all sorts of bells and whistles.

In it, as in all future will fall out mechanical parts that would be needed for the construction of the towers.
Not far from the merchant is Rat Trap.There will be a chest and when you open it shows the flag with the inscription “BAAAANG!” and will attack the rats.After that, Katarina says that his father will be upset by such a puncture.
Red button that Katarina notice that when activated will burn rats at the mine.
Wisp who will ask a question and the answer to it is Death.
On the way to the Wisp you will find first Gemstone in one of the corpses.
There’s also a leader of the rats which drop Dragon Scales. It’s very powerfull trophy.

Van Helsing Dreadworks

Here you will need to find 4 coil. On the map are marked with a red square. Some of them need to get on the elevator or stairs (they are marked in green).

Stronghold of everything. Your second home. There is a generator, a scientist, a merchant, and all will be updated as it passes. A very good hiding place. In the future, there will be repel the hordes of beasts, and of course kill the boss. For which will achieve: Defender of the Lair.

Get the quest to sweep the den. After running it, you will have the opportunity to place the traps. Remove all traps.Choose the cheapest trap and place 30 of these traps and you get the achievement: Traps are just so cool!

Van Helsing Trapsmap

Take all the quests and go to the Rookery.

Urban slums.
In all locations you will encounter the poor, you can give 50 gold. In general, it is best to do. Some of them will give you useful information onto, and in the future you will get the quest. Poor people are everywhere. Apparently rat taste they have not.

One of the fellows will give you a task to bring the bomb. It is sold the rat for the price of 1200. After triggering a bomb, boss appear. Provide for his murder achievement: Trophy: Dark Alchemist.
In the crater you can eat something, I honestly do not know what it is.
In the location runs a white rat, kill it like a chicken, a similar proportion falls. Give some stats and achievment: Well fed. This is if you eaten other parts.
In rat-huckster buy a gas mask, the quest where you have to destroy the toxin storage, you will be much easier.
Still, you can find the fishing pool. When activated, I got a shoe labeled W * IRTH (it’s mean WIRTH) if not mistaken. Fumbled on the forums. In general this is a reference to the character of the Diablo. He had one leg was made ​​of wood. So there’s nothing you can do about it. But the interesting thing.

Van Helsing Rookery Map

The storage tanks of inhabited boss, first we must destroy the tank, so he was not healed. And then have cut off a tentacle boss. Will achieve: Trophy: Mastermind Genius.

As far as I understand, this quest is activated by accident. For example, I went to the docks and came to this place, there’s very simple. Locating a small but highly productive. The enemies emit bone, then they can just slip into an idol, and nowhere more. The most interesting thing is a rabbit.

Van Helsing Bunnyslayer

There will be a dialogue Helsing and Catherine. After that, the rabbit will attack you.
To kill him, you can simply attack.
Or, if you have not sold or disposed of Bunnyslayer, with the help of the sword strike enough for 2-3. It is natural for your skills the keeper of useless things will open a rare Achievement: Bunny Slayer.
For the others who do not like stupid things. As a whole, and those who carried this blade of death. Opens Achievement: Trophy: The Rabbit

Van Helsing Columns

Here your task is to lower the bridge, and then kill all the observers. (That would not make a mistake, I advise you clean up the entire location).

You need to give money to all the poor. You will be given a quest in which you will be given the role of savior of the King rogue. By the way he gives a good reward. Go after him in Ink.
Next to the street will be the house in which one person abuses the other, and he says that he hid the essences in the fault, near the estate. To do this, head to the first portal in the location and next to it will be a bunch of junk that will become active only after the conversation.

To be continued…

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