This War of Mine – Nightmares of Civil War

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This War of Mine – a game that reveals the whole nightmare of war. We see the war from the other side. The game is divided into two phases, day and night. In the afternoon we use materials we have to improve our refuge. And we can look for the trader that usually comes every few days. And more, an ordinary citizen can come and offer you their help or ask you for help.

Night is when we go in search of provisions in various places, and the more good resources in this location the greater chance to meet a group of bandits with weapon that immediately will decide to kill you and take all that you got. In the night phase, you will experience all the emotional experiences of the characters.

When I was playing for the first time I tried every way to survive and almost killed everyone and took away all the food and medicines they have. I kept the position that in a war every man is for himself. When you start playing, you merge with the characters. You begin to experience and overcome all the difficulties faced by them. I am sure that this game will bring you a lot of emotions.

+ An interesting crafting system
+ Music
+ Not a linear walkthrough
+ Great story
+ The emotional component
+ Graphics
+ Locations

There are no bad points in this game. Believe me.

Total: 10 / 10

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