Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Killing Nazis

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You are the same character as from the last game in this story of blood and gore. Before the war was over you were set out on a mission to try and end by killing some dude. Now, why do I say this well? First off the story is awesome and that is for you too indulge in. You will be killing Nazis all the time… 34 Gbs of Nazis to be exact and is a bang for your buck at 20$.

The Pros:
- It takes place before the end of the war so its kind of nice to get both sides the before/after scenario.
- Multiple paths to take on some missions gives it a nice feel in terms of options and what you are to do.
- Good level design (linear) that meets all your lovely running and crouching needs.
- AI isn’t a total draw from the game isn’t amazing but its good it isn’t terrible.
- Plenty of collectibles that will keep you looking.
- Simple game, easy controls like the last without changes.
- The German residents actually speak German.

The Cons:
- Not a whole lot of options in the menus to mess around with graphics and HUD which can draw some people away with not so powerful PCs.
- No upgrades a problem i had with the last a game where you feel like you are making no progression besides the story doesn’t feel like a full game in my opinion but it makes up for it in the guns being scattered out somewhat throughout the game.

My Overall if I had to give a rating: 9 / 10

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