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It is a realistic underwater adventure designed by the Vertigo Games studio. Welcome to the spacious world where you will find a large number of beautiful landscapes, dangers and even the ability to find the treasure. So, what is the game? The player will be immersed in the sea depths to perform various tasks, as well as go on a journey through the underwater world.

The player will be able to monitor the behavior of fish, stumble on submarines destroyed during the Second World War and even meet sharks. In the World of Diving you can take a trip with friends. However, I believe that the multiplayer is not needed. Why is that so? The whole gameplay is photographing various objects and you can do it alone. For each foray into the underwater depths, you will receive a certain amount of money. You can use them to buy a new equipment for your sea journey.

World of Diving

Already, the project is very realistic. If you have some virtual reality, device you can use it here, game supports VR and that will give even more realism. Also note that for the owners of gamepads master control will be easy, but the owners of the keyboard will have to spend a little of their time to the study of all major actions. The most interesting thing is that there is in the game is to create missions and share them with the whole community of players. The editor is in the initial stage, it allows you to create simple tasks.

Graphics as I said it is the most realistic. Underwater drawn to the very detail. You are waiting for an unforgettable scenery, beautiful models of fish and underwater plants. All living beings have a realistic animation and motion. Developers are moving in the right direction. I hope, in the near future we will get a complete product.

World of Diving

Summarizing I can say that the World of Diving is a beautiful and relaxing diving simulator, but not without drawbacks. If you are looking for an unforgettable and beautiful scenery of the underwater world, you definitely need to pay attention to this product.

A variety of maps
Exciting gameplay
Mission editor
Realistic underwater world

No need for oxygen
Maps are quite small
Repetitive tasks

Total: 7/10

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