World of WarCraft – New World Religion!

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Robert Geraci, notes that the game forces gamers to think about the ethical issues and social values​​ which is actually an attribute of any religion. Geraci recently wrote a book called “Virtual shrine: Myth and meaning in the World of Warcraft and Second Life», which described in detail the religious experiences of players of multiplayer online games.

Professor of Manhattan College believes that World of Warcraft can be more than just a game. In particular, Second Life professor gives several examples of construction of churches, temples and gardens for meditation, as well as examples of the creation of several religious communities.

“In World of Warcraft, you will find people who create the company and ask questions of ethics. These associations are important for the players: friends in the online world is very important to them, even if they never meet their physical, traditional reality “, – said the professor.

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“Questions about what is good and what is bad, and then appear in the game, involving players not only in the struggle between good and evil, but in environmentalism, consumerism and moral dilemmas. All this is only part of the religious experience in the game. “

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