Zombie Night Terror – Deadly Bit


If you never played Lemmings, you probably missed out on leading a colony of cute dumb creatures that walk straight to their death in a bottomless pit. Fear not, because the formula is being brought up to date while still keeping pixel art, but this time featuring zombies straight from the Left 4 Dead universe! Zombie Night Terror, a game currently in development by team NoClip.

It will let you wreak havoc in human cities by helping out a horde of zombies mutate and adapt to the location they visit. Expect massacres and puzzle elements if you want to spread your creepy cuteness to all humans! The game starts out as a classical twist on Lemmings, but this first ever video footage also shows some novel and original possibilities, such as using Overlords (or Blockers) to strategically force the horde to leap or run to otherwise dangerous places. A game worth keeping an eye on, even if no release date has been announced yet!

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