STASIS - Sci-Fi Horror

STASIS is a point-and-click, sci-fi, horror adventure game played from a unique isometric perspective. Read more »

The Banner Saga - Epic Vikings

Live through an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. Make allies as you travel with your Read more »

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Doom: Steam CD Key

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H1Z1 – New Types of Enemies!

h1z1 zombie

Company Sony Online Entertainment told about the future plans for the development of H1Z1. The developers plan to add a lot of new things to the game before its release in early access program. One of the key features will be the plane dump box with useful resources once for certain period of time. Players will compete for supplies with other players, or divide all as brothers. Read more…

H1Z1 – Game Release on Steam and Developing

H1Z1 Logo

That is why Sony has decided to team work on the game as a project of independent developers and open access on the progress made at the same time providing access to the game for gamers. According to the head of the project, the development will take place at a constant setting, processing and updating of the game. Game will be released soon in Steam. Read more…

Overkill’s The Walking Dead – A new game from the creators of PAYDAY series

Overkill's The Walking Dead

A new game based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is in development at Overkill Software, the developer of Payday, Kirkman and Starbound announced today. Promise that in addition to actually shooting, will be elements of action, RPG, survival horror and stealth. Platform on which the game will be released yet unknown. Here is the first teaser of this game. Read more…

The Walking Dead – New Comic-Con Trailer

The Walking Dead Comic-Con Trailer

New episodes of The Walking Dead are still months away, but thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, brand new footage is here!  The trailer for Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead debuted at Comic-Con on Friday – and it features new series regular Gareth, a long trek towards Washington to cure the epidemic, and plenty of blood-spattering human-on-zombie violence.  Read more…